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Dynamatic Limited, UK
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DYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED designs and builds highly engineered products for Automotive, Aeronautic, Hydraulic and Security applications. With futuristic design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India, we are able to meet customers' exacting requirements on 6 continents.

Our facilities which are located in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Nasik), United Kingdom (Swindon, Bristol) and Germany (Schwarzenberg), are lean, green and clean, and designed to support neighbouring communities as well as the environment.

With three design laboratories in India and Europe, Dynamatic Technologies is a leading Private R&D Organisation, with numerous inventions and patents to its credit. The Company and its Subsidiaries employ around 50 scientists and 500 engineers with expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Computer Aided Engineering, Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics and Defence & Aerospace Research.

Dynamatic Technologies is vertically integrated, with its own alloy-making and casting capabilities as well as its own captive green energy sources.


DYNAMATIC HYDRAULICS™ is one of the world’s largest Hydraulic Gear Pumps makers, and, is focused on being number one. It has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, located in Bangalore, India, and Swindon, U.K.


The Dynamatic Technologies production facilities in Bangalore employ cutting-edge technologies and modern machinery to manufacture a wide range of sophisticated Hydraulic Valves and custom tailored Hydraulic Solutions extending from simple Hydraulic Pumping Units to complex Marine Power Packs and Aircraft Ground Support Systems to Turnkey Industrial Installations. Dynamatic Technologies manufactures an extensive range of Hydraulic Gear Pumps in Cast Iron and Aluminium, that find application in Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Mining and Drilling Equipment and in Marine applications.


The Dynamatic Technologies facility in Swindon, UK, has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Gear Pumps and supplies products to Agricultural, Construction and On-Highway vehicle manufacturers. Products include Combined Variable and Fixed Displacement Pump Packages, Temperature Controlled Fan Drive Systems and Fixed Displacement Pumps in Aluminium and Cast iron with a range of additional integrated valve options.


Dynamatic Technologies builds major air-frame structures for the Sukhoi-30 MKI, and is HAL's largest developmental partner on the programme.

DYNAMATIC-OLDLAND AEROSPACE® is a demonstrated leader for the development of exacting Airframe Structures and Precision Aerospace Components. The Company's modern Aerospace Manufacturing Complexes in India and UK deliver high value to our customers, by combining the technical competence of our facilities in UK with the cost & manufacturing advantages offered by our Indian plants.


Dynamatic-Oldland Aerospace®, India, is a partner of choice for agencies of national importance including the Ministry of Defence and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, as well as international aerospace majors. Our products include the Wing and Rear Fuselage of the India's Pilotless Target Aircraft - LAKSHYA, the Ailerons & Wing Flaps for the Intermediate Jet Trainer HJT-36 and major Airframe Structures for the Sukhoi 30 MKI Fighter Bomber.

Dynamatic Technologies also works closely with EADS and Spirit AeroSystems to assemble Flap Track Beams for the Airbus Single Aisle A-320 Family of Aircrafts on a Single Source basis. This is the first time that a functional aero-structure of a major commercial jet is being manufactured in the Indian Private Sector.


Dynamatic-Oldland Aerospace®, UK, is a unique state-of-the-art Aeronautical manufacturing facility possessing complex 5 axis machining capabilities for the manufacture of Aerospace components and tooling. This high-end precision engineering Company is a certified supplier to Airbus UK, Boeing, GKN Aerospace, Magellan Aerospace, GE Aviation Systems, Lockheed Martin, Agusta Westland, Spirit AeroSystems, UK.

DYNAMATIC HOMELAND SECURITY™ offers cutting-edge security solutions to enhance the Nation's capabilities in countering modern day security threats. Our strong Research and Development capabilities combined with the powerful partnerships we have forged with leading "global security technology" companies enables us to offer potential customers, like India's National Defence Forces, Homeland Security Forces, Police and Civilian Agencies, solutions that will enhance their abilities to prepare and plan for emergencies as well as their response and recovery skills.


JKM Wind Farm generates green energy for captive consumption, enabling Dynamatic Technologies to achieve a significant reduction in monthly energy costs at its Chennai complex.

Dynamatic Technologies produces high quality Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Automotive Components for Highway, Off-Highway and Technology oriented applications for leading Global Automotive OEMs. The Company possesses modern Ferrous and Non-Ferrous foundries as well as modern state-of-the-art automotive component manufacturing facilities in India and Germany, and is able to vertically integrate the competence and locational advantages of its facilities to deliver greater value to our customers.

High Precision Robotic Core Setter in the GFD Moulding Line at Eisenwerk Erla GmbH, Germany

EISENWERK ERLA GMBH is a preferred supplier of Precision, Complex Metallurgical Products for Automotive Engines and Turbochargers to leading Global Automotive OEMs including Audi, BMW, Borg Warner Turbo Emission Systems, Volkswagen and Daimler. The Eisenwerk Erla site which has been in business for over 630 years, possesses one of the finest Ferrous Foundries in Europe, capable of manufacturing extremely intricate Ferrous castings from difficult-to-cast materials, as well as strong R&D capabilities with patented technologies specific to the automotive industry.

The JKM FERROTECH™ facility in Chennai has expertise in producing High Si-Mo automotive components and is certified to the highest quality standards specified by the Automotive Industry. Our expertise in producing intricately shaped castings as well as our skills in handling ferrous alloys, particularly High Si-Mo and Ni-Resis, makes us a strong development partner for prototypes in Ferrous Alloy castings.

DYNAMETAL® incorporates use of the latest metallurgical processes to produce high quality Non-Ferrous Alloy and Castings for Industrial, Automotive and Aerospace Applications. The Foundry differs radically from other conventional foundries as its heat treatment processes are designed to ensure castings are made with no inclusions, minimal melting loss and with the effective removal of gas from the metal. Dynametal® is capable of executing Aluminum Gravity Die Cast parts with intricate contours, Pressure Die Castings and has competence in alloying metals and complex castings.


Dynamatic Technologies is a repository of diverse technologies and has transformed itself into a knowledge-based organization through sustained Research & Development efforts. Our continuing focus on Research & Development has resulted in strong development initiatives that have enabled us to foray into providing new services, launching new products and enhancing product value to our customers.

The creation of new products and applications are not mere projects for us, but a part of our daily lives.

The JKM Science Center in Bangalore, India, houses the Dynamatic Technologies Research & Development Center, Powermetric® Design, as well as a sophisticated Material Sciences Laboratory, which are engaged in :

  • Design and Prototyping of new products
  • Improvement of existing designs
  • Continuous improvement of existing processes
  • Ongoing testing of products and materials

The DYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER is completely electronic, utilising state-of-the-art parametric 3D design programs and knowledge based expert systems. The Center has been a 'Recognized In-House R&D Unit' certified by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India, since 2001.

The DYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES ENGINEERING LABORATORY, in Swindon, UK, possesses advanced design knowledge for the Mobile Hydraulics Sector, and has comprehensive product testing and validation capabilities.

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