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Dynamatic Homeland Security™ offers cutting edge security solutions to enhance the Nation’s capabilities in countering modern day security threats. Our strong Research and Development capabilities combined with the powerful partnerships we have forged with leading “global security technology” companies enables us to offer potential customers like India’s National Defence Forces, Homeland Security Forces, Police and Civilian Agencies in developing solutions relating to Access Control, Visual-Intelligence, Counter Terror Mechanisms, Specialised Communications, Armour, Bomb-Disposal, Command Centers, and Training, that will enhance their abilities to prepare and plan for emergencies as well as their response and recovery skills.

Dynamatic offers its indigenously developed VTOL UAS solution suitable for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance operations by the Police and Para Military.  (Product Information / Download PDF 824 KB)


Dynamatic Homeland Security™ designs, develops and custom-builds sophisticated monitoring & surveillance solutions for mobile and stationary applications, which are capable of monitoring infiltration and gathering real-time visual intelligence in cities as well as in remote and hostile environments.

These special monitoring and surveillance systems which can combine Special Multi Sensory Heads, Day Light and Infra Red Cameras and Powerful Radar Systems with the necessary customized software, offer a highly effective integrated day/night observation platform that delivers performance under the most exacting conditions.

Mobile Surveillance Vehicles (MSVs) – Dynamatic Technologies Rakshak (Product Information / Download PDF 824 KB)

The Dynamatic Technologies Rakshak is a unique Mobile Surveillance Vehicle (MSV) developed for India’s Security Forces, which is capable of monitoring infiltration on the Country’s borders, as well as providing real-time Visual Intelligence within Cities. The Rakshak is a 4-wheel drive vehicle specially built for deployment on any kind of terrain, and, is equipped with a sophisticated surveillance system including Day Light Camera, Infra Red Camera and Laser Range Finder, capable of detecting, scanning and recording in day-night conditions. Its ergonomically designed interiors provide the operating team with comfort in addition to safety.


Dynamatic Technologies partners Erreka, a part of the Mondragon Corporacion Cooperative (MCC), Spain, to offer a comprehensive range of restricted entry products and solutions including Electro-Mechanical/Electro-Hydraulic Traffic Barriers & Accessories, Automation Systems for Gates, Doors, Garage Doors and Shutters. The product offerings which integrate cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics, are designed for performance and durability and can be used as robust stand-alone solutions or integrated to create a sophisticated restricated entry system.


Dynamatic's partnership with EL-GO Team, Israel, a world leader in Cutting-Edge, Anti-Terror Security & Access Control Systems, enables it offer a comprehensive range of world-class Perimeter Security Products and Solutions in India. The product offerings, which integrate cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics for performance and durability, include Crash Rated Bollards and Barriers, Spike Systems/Tyre Killers, Road Blocks and Turnstiles, and can be used as robust stand-alone security solutions or be integrated to create a sophisticated Building Management system (IBMS).

For more information:
Arvind Mishra arvind at dynamatics dot net

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